Sara Lyn Phillips


I met Sara eighteen months ago when I decided to get a few personal training sessions to improve my tennis game. At that point, I had been getting migraines for fifteen years primarily as a result of an old upper back injury. After seeing two sports doctors, three osteopaths, two neurologists, seven sessions of physical therapy, multiple sessions of acupuncture, biofeedback, and dietary changes, I was ready to go on chronic medication to try to manage the headaches, and was scheduled to begin the next day.

Working out with Sara has enabled me to significantly reduce serious and debilitating migraine headaches from a frequency of up to three per week to one perhaps every three or four months.

Most importantly, Sara gave me a sense that I was in control of my body. I was no longer at the mercy of some random headache that would come upon me at the worst possible time. Every time I did get a headache, which was increasingly less frequent, we would look at the situation together to figure out what had triggered the particular episode, and what we could learn to make sure it did not happen again. This sense of being in control enabled me to identify other migraine triggers (red wine), and to work with my neurologist to find effective muscle relaxants.

I had originally intended to workout with Sara for only two or three sessions. I stayed with her for a year, as the progress with my migraines was so dramatic. It was the best money I have ever spent.

~ Leigh-Anne Walker (Reebok Club Member)

To my great good fortune, Sara Phillips has proven herself consistently exceptional. I’d like to take this opportunity to describe the ways in which my experience with Sara has been of tremendous personal benefit.

To put it bluntly, I would have been a daunting client for any personal trainer. For years I had been unable to commit to any sustained exercise program and could not imagine ever being strong and healthy again. I had been in physical therapy for swollen feet and fallen arches and my knees were arthritic. I had instability in my ankles and hips and chronic pain in my lower back. I was out of breath after walking more than a half-mile and found even climbing the stairs of the subway difficult.

She pushes me always beyond what I think I can do – and never fails to cheer me on. “Great flexibility!” Or “See, you’re stronger than you think!” or, one of my personal favorites: “Sweat is good for you,” because there hasn’t been a single session in which I haven’t bemoaned how much I hate to sweat. And yet, with Sara, the sweat is rolling down my face, into my eyes, flying off my body. And the results are tremendous.

We have worked together for six months now. I have lost forty-five pounds. It astounds me that I am able to do things that I haven’t attempted in years. If I feel hope again, this renewed confidence in my body’s ability to change in strength and agility — it is largely her doing. Sara is patient, creative, and inordinately skilled – a virtuoso on so many fitness platforms. She is always thinking ahead of time where my sessions need to go. She has a plan, always, of what I need to work on and what I need to strengthen to prevent injury. She is inspirational in the face of my dipping morale and always insists that I am making great gains — that it is possible to regain strength in this decade of my life and to maintain it for the future.

~ Sylvia Peck (Reebok Club Member)

Sara Phillips has worked with me as a personal trainer at home in my gym for approximately three years. I had a painful back from scoliosis and degenerative changes, worsened by de-conditioning after the birth of my daughter. I also had hereditary hypercholesterolemia, which required a program of aerobic exercise.

We worked on a weekly basis, faithfully strengthening my “core”, improving my flexibility, and working on aerobic fitness. She was vigilant, upbeat and always enthusiastic. And so personally reliable that I dared not cancel our sessions! Currently, I use what I learned with Sara on a daily, if not minute- to- minute basis.

The wealth of knowledge that Sara has is tremendous. She brings a lifetime worth of athletic study, including sports, dance, yoga, relaxation techniques, etc. Because she is a an ardent learner, she always has fresh ideas from recent-conferences or consultations.
Once, Sara accompanied me to an appointment with a physical therapist in an attempt to learn more about my gait and scoliosis. The point was to prevent injury in our workouts. Sara is cautious, complete, and well able to individualize her approach to each client.

I have recommended Ms. Phillips to my patients. They have loved working with her, just as I have.

~ Mary Conners-Ashmore, M.D. (Private Client)

I have been working with Sara for several months now and I simply must tell you how thoroughly pleased I am both with our individual sessions and with my over all sense of progress. I find Sara to be thoroughly professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She brings an energy and vitality to our sessions, which is most infectious, as well as a keen intuitive sense of my limits. She always encourages me to push a little harder when I am able, but seems to know by instinct when I can not. She is never critical, always positive. I find our sessions together to be both creative and varied, never boring or repetitious. Sara holds my highest degree admiration and trust, and truly, I could not have asked for more in a personal fitness trainer.

~ Richard Klonfas (Reebok Club Member)

Sara Lyn Phillips